The Remember November 11 Association

The Remember November 11 Association
will be hosting

Remembrance Day

Saturday, November 11 
11:30 AM - 2:30 PM
Centennial Hall, London

The Remember November 11 Association will be hosting a reception for Veterans and Canadian Forces members with food and beverages plus many exhibits about Canada's military history. Youth groups plus the general public can meet the Veterans and Soldiers, say “Thank You”, and talk with our Heroes. There is no ceremony and we realize there are other events happening so some people just come in for a coffee, say Hi to some Veterans than go to the next event.
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Remembrance Day Reception
Centennial Hall, London
Remembrance Gardens
Memorial Park
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MP Irene Mathyssen's statement
in Parliament about
The Remember November 11 Assoc.

Memorial Stones

The personalized stones measure 12" x 12" and inscriptions are carved in the stone. The stones will be placed around the edge of the large poppy garden in our park, Remembrance Gardens.

Each engraved stone is
$150 complete.

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For an additional $25 we will add a white cross with name and photo of the honoured individual

Remembrance Gardens Memorial Park

2315 River Road at Veterans Memorial Parkway, London Ontario
A Community Project to build a park Honouring all that served Canada.

We Remember and must charge our children to remember that our dead were equal in sacrifice, so are they equal in honour. For the greatest and least of them have proved that sacrifice and honour are no vain things but truths by which the world lives.


Projects like these require your help. We receive no Government funding and donations from the public and local businesses help us to continue our mission. If you would like to help with Remembrance Gardens by making a donation or by getting involved in other ways email us at or call 226-973-3150.

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