A dedicated Park will have the Great War (WWI) Soldier moved from its present location at the Hospital and the WWII/Korea Cenotaph relocated from its Talbot St location. In addition, plans for a third element honoring the Afghanistan conflict will be included.  A site downtown on Moore St. will be used. As required, Moore Street can be closed with no disruptions for traffic or businesses on Talbot Street.

The new War Memorial Park will graciously and respectfully recognize the 10,000+ people from Elgin County who served and the ~1,000 who never came home.

A ‘Park’ will be created to graciously and respectfully recognize the sacrifice of so many from Elgin County made during human conflicts.   This new location will incorporate all the elements that truly recognize the lives of so many.

This initiative has unanimous support from the City of St Thomas.

Our goal is to have the new memorial site completed and dedicated for the
November 11th, 2017 Remembrance Day Service.

Concept For Afghanistan Soldier Memorial

The artwork will be a figurative depiction of a soldier in full combat gear with rifle, sitting on a high rock (Canadian granite), after a long day on patrol. One leg will be down touching the ground (concrete pad), the other will be raised up and pressed against the granite rock. The rifle will lie across his lap, pointing slightly downward. His head will be turned, looking towards the other war memorials located in the park, suggesting that this soldier is reflecting on those who came before him, and sharing the connection only veterans can understand. There would also be a small bronze closed crate, allowing visitors (especially youth) to “sit” near the soldier, and spend time with him. The crate will feature a sculpted relief of a beaver, which is a symbol of the Elgins, as well as of Canada.

Great War (WWI) Soldier